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We visited Neubrandenburg, a city in former East Germany, first in 1991 and then again more than a decade later. We talked with people from all economic levels, hoping to get a glimpse of daily life in the newly reunited Germany. What we found was much more touching, more gripping, and more vibrant than we ever expected.

Drehort Neubrandenburg documents the lives of people formerly imprisoned behind what the world called the Iron Curtain. Through the kaleidoscope of daily life we see how people are transformed by the political sea-change that is the reunification of Germany. For some these changes created prosperity and laughter, for others hardship and the taste of their own tears. Many left. But many stayed, too.

In these moving personal accounts we uncover hope for a city that stood the test of time, stoic pride and optimism and a realistic view of tomorrow. The stories etch into our minds the stark reality of the changes political freedom and economic opportunity bring us all. Drehort Neubrandenburg demonstrates clearly once again: what unites us will always be more powerful than what divides us.

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