Drehort Neubrandenburg Title
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The People of Neubrandenburg

The documentary Drehort: Neubrandenburg was filmed on location in former East Germany in 1991. We interviewed a cross-section of the town’s people – many of whom you will meet in the film. The first segment describes the historic and picturesque city in the new German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Nine short portraits follow: a Kindergarten teacher; a High School principal with teacher and students; a group of college students; a "Trabi" owner; a used-car dealer; a "Mom and Pop" grocery store owner; a beauty parlor entrepreneur; a pastor and his parishioners; and Farmer Gischow.

The documentary Drehort: Neubrandenburg 2002 was filmed on location in Neubrandenburg in 2002. In this sequel, viewers are offered a fascinating human perspective on daily life in Neubrandenburg eleven years after the Wende. The opening segment presents an update to the city and the economy. Nine short segments follow, portraying updates of the lives of the original town people and their reflections on the last eleven years: a new childcare center; a changed high school and its principal; a group of new college students; members of a Trabi club; an entrepreneur adjusting to capitalism; the life as a widow; the beauty industry in Neubrandenburg; the church’s struggle with capitalism; and Farmer Gischow’s two daughters.