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Project Reviews

What makes this video so appealing is that it succeeds in giving the viewer a real feel for Neubrandenburg and its people. By chronicling the personal successes and failures of the individuals interviewed, it sheds light on the challenges facing the citizens of the former GDR.
Donna C. Van Handle, Unterrichtspraxis 27.1 (Spring 1994), p. 140

The almost exclusive use of the target language and the focus on comprehension extend the authenticity of the video itself to the activities in the video guide. Its enlightened approach, creative activities, and especially its authentic language use found in all parts of the program should make Drehort: Neubrandenburg an outstanding addition to any intermediate (in the broadest sense) German course.
Johanna Watzinger-Tharp, The Modern Language Journal 78 (1994), p. 259