Drehort Neubrandenburg Title
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Ultimately, no idea comes to fruition without the help of a wide network of friends and colleagues. In the case of Drehort: Neubrandenburg and Drehort Neubrandenburg 2002 there are simply too many people to name here. To everyone who worked on this project or lent us their support, we express our sincere thanks.

We would like to acknowledge the very generous financial and in-kind support of the following groups at Northwestern University: Multimedia Learning Center, Searle Center for Teaching Excellence, Hewlett Fund for Curricular Innovations; Additional financial and in-kind support was provided by: Lufthansa German Airlines, the Goethe Institute Chicago, and FAS, Inc. Without their help this project would never have come to fruition.

To the people of Neubrandenburg we extend a very special word of thanks. You spoke with candor and pride about the good times and the hard times before and after the Wende and you welcomed us into your schools, your offices, your places of worship and business, and your homes.