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Viewing the documentaries

This site will allow you to view and work with the two documentaries in a variety of ways. First, you can choose to see both documentaries as one-hour long films with a narrative story. You may, however, also select to view each portray individually for 1991 and 2002, thus highlighting the changes and making the comparison more interesting and meaningful. All film segments are available with English or German subtitles.

Intensive and Extensive Viewing

Those who are interested in working with the films in a more intensive way thereby reviewing language and culture, can log on to the interactive language learning site which will guide the learner through each segment. Key features include:

∙ Cultural introductions with exercises for comprehension check
∙ Interactive vocabulary practice with native speaker pronunciation
∙ Access to a bilingual dictionary
∙ A wealth of interactive exercises with video feedback for comprehension or review of key issues
∙ A review section to check overall comprehension
∙ A worksheet with various written tasks to practice the new material.

The interactive learning environment and the accompanying textbook are designed to engage in intensive viewing (acquisition and practice of new linguistic material) with the 1991 documentary and extensive viewing (focus on discussing socio-cultural, cultural and historical issues) with the 2002 documentary.